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Conversations with scientists exploring science-based ways to protect the future of our planet, our children, and other creatures that share our World. We live on a planet in crisis. Scientists have warned us about the rapidly increasing dangers of climate change and destruction of the biosphere - specifically in the 1992, 2017 and 2019 World Scientists’ Warnings which were signed by 1,700; 15,000 and 11,000 scientists respectively when issued.

Oct 3, 2021

Help Drive Climate Action at COP26 Support our record-breaking campaign for COP26. There are just a few days left.

What actions must be taken at COP26, and what happens if this doesn't happen? What can individuals do to help tackle the climate crisis? Find out in this short interview with energy expert, Professor Chris Rhodes.

“The world must quickly implement massive energy efficiency and conservation practices and must replace fossil fuels with low-carbon renewables and other cleaner sources of energy if safe for people and the environment. We must swiftly eliminate subsidies for fossil fuels and use effective and fair policies for steadily escalating carbon prices to restrain their use.”

In this brief episode, Ed Gemmell, Managing Director of Scientists Warning Europe, talks to Professor Chris Rhodes, who is a Scientists Warning Europe Board member and well versed on all aspects of energy. Chris quickly puts the limited transition towards renewable energy we have made so far into perspective with how much more needs to be done by 2050.

See the video version of this conversation at

Scientists Warning Europe presents and promotes science endorsed solutions which will lead to a just transition for our World to a sustainable and equitable future. Learn more, sign up for updates, and support our work at

This podcast series is made possible through the generous help of The Overpopulation Podcast and the GrowthBusters podcast about limits to growth.


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