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Conversations with scientists exploring science-based ways to protect the future of our planet, our children, and other creatures that share our World. We live on a planet in crisis. Scientists have warned us about the rapidly increasing dangers of climate change and destruction of the biosphere - specifically in the 1992, 2017 and 2019 World Scientists’ Warnings which were signed by 1,700; 15,000 and 11,000 scientists respectively when issued.

Nov 20, 2021

Environmentalist Mike Sparrow shares research he’s found questioning the safety of 5G, wi-fi and other the rapid proliferation of man-made electro-magnetic radiation.  

The use of radio wave transmission has grown steadily since the BBC was formed in 1922, but in the last thirty years its proliferation has been exponential, driven by broadcasting, computers and the internet, telecommunications and wireless enabled technology. Now, with the advent of 5G, debate about the impact of man-made electro-magnetic radiation has raged with opinions becoming polarised. The evidence for harm must be properly assessed, and crucial decisions made about the need to safeguard public health, our ecosystems, and the long-term habitability of our planet.

Sparrow sets out the pervasive nature of the technology, the science that demonstrates biological harm, and the far-reaching consequences for human and ecological health without informed consent. He also shares information about the energy requirements of wireless connectivity.

Mike Sparrow has had a diverse career in business, including hospitality and facilities services. He has also led a worldwide utilities construction business. Today he is an author, writing novels that centre upon nature, conservation and indigenous history. He campaigns for action on climate change and has a particular interest in raising awareness of the harm caused by anthropogenic electro-magnetic radiation.

This is the audio from a session held as part of the Planet in Crisis – Creating Action for COP26 global online summit. In November 2020, exactly one year before the official COP26 climate conference, Scientists Warning Europe organised this series of online Pre-COP events to raise awareness, push the conversation, show demand, and drive real action. Over 25 events were attended by more than 2,000 people from across the globe.

Scientists Warning Europe presents and promotes science endorsed solutions which will lead to a just transition for our World to a sustainable and equitable future. Learn more, sign up for updates, and support our work at

This podcast series is made possible through the generous help of the GrowthBusters podcast about limits to growth.


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