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Conversations with scientists exploring science-based ways to protect the future of our planet, our children, and other creatures that share our World. We live on a planet in crisis. Scientists have warned us about the rapidly increasing dangers of climate change and destruction of the biosphere - specifically in the 1992, 2017 and 2019 World Scientists’ Warnings which were signed by 1,700; 15,000 and 11,000 scientists respectively when issued.

May 23, 2022

“The scientific world has researched and reported, peer-reviewed and presented report after report after report. Most scientists are quite frankly fed up.... Now is the time for moral courage and real leadership.” These are among the words of Ed Gemmell as he moderated this press conference at COP26. At this event, Scientists Warning Europe premiered its new film, Warning into Action: Mobilising Humanity. Gemmell was joined by Dr. Victoria Hurth, Fellow of University of Cambridge’s Institute for Sustainability Leadership, and Dr. Paul Behrens, researcher and science communicator at Leiden University and author of The Best of Times, The Worst of Times.

 We also hear from authors of the newest World Scientists paper, World Scientists’ Warning into Action, Local to Global, and signatories to a letter sent to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Italy Prime Minister Mario Draghi, as hosts of COP26, signed by 28 top climate scientists around the world: Kevin Anderson, Phoebe Barnard, Professor Chris Rhodes, Professor William Moomaw, Professor Stefano Tibaldi, Professor Chris Rapley, Philip Weber, and Professor Stuart Parkinson.


Video of this Press Conference

The film: Warnings to Action: Mobilising Humanity

 World Scientists’ Warning into Action, Local to Global - published in Science Progress

Letter to Boris Johnson and Mario Draghi

Scientists Warning Europe presents and promotes science endorsed solutions which will lead to a just transition for our World to a sustainable and equitable future. Learn more, sign up for updates, and support our work at

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World Scientists’ Warnings into Action, Local to Global

Scientists Warning Europe

All Three World Scientists’ Warnings

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